Creative Placements

AMV Hatch

AMV BBDO is defined by two things: its creative ambition and its nurturing culture. We want to open the door to the creative department, and give more people a chance to benefit from both.

Hatch is a recruitment scheme to identify and nurture the next generation of creative talent. We are looking for teams (art director and copywriter) but if we find two singletons we think could be interesting together, we are happy to play Cupid.

Currently we have up to three teams in the agency for three months at a time. You will work on live briefs across the agency’s main clients, and will also develop spec work, as well as pro-bono work on projects for smaller clients.

You are mentored and evaluated throughout, and if your ideas fly we will extend you for another 3 months. After 6 months we will either offer you a job or let you go, and do our best to find you a placement elsewhere.

So get a partner, get your portfolio into the best shape it can be, and send us a link to placements


What is a Creative?

Everyone at AMV BBDO is creative (adjective) – a good idea can come from anywhere and we all have a role to play in developing great creative work. But not everyone is a Creative (noun).

Creatives, as their name suggests, create. We come up with ideas, write scripts, design posters, pen headlines, devise apps, experiences, digital platforms, social media campaigns, product ideas.

If you want to be a Creative, the Academy scheme is not the right place to start. Our Academy recruits Account Executives (who deal with the Clients’ business and handle the day to day relationship with the Client) and junior Project Managers (who are responsible for the planning, coordination and financial control of a project).

Creative recruitment is very different. To become a Creative you’ll need a ‘book’ – a portfolio of advertising ideas. This is how you will be judged, not on your answers in an application or an interview. You’ll need to find a partner to develop your ideas with as you will most likely be hired as a team (art director and copywriter). Then you visit agencies or send them your portfolio/website and if they like what they see they’ll offer you a placement, which is like an apprenticeship/job trial.

Creative have normally done a creative degree (creative advertising, graphic design, Art, English) or done a creative advertising MA after a degree. Going on one of these courses gives you the tools to develop your ideas and the space to find a partner, but it is not essential. Three of the best Creatives now working in the industry started out as a door-to-door cooker salesman, a carpet stall owner, and a DIY punk fanzine journalist.

A word of warning: getting a job as a Creative is not easy. There are lots of teams out there, all chasing a limited number of jobs, so the odds aren’t great. You will get plenty of rejection. People will tear into work you thought was great. But if you can handle all that, and you’re good, you’ll crack it. And when you do it’s a blast.