#1 Tell us a bit about yourself and make your first impression.

Sarah graduated from University College London with an honours degree in literature and joined JWT as a graduate trainee.

She moved to AMV BBDO 18 years ago & has touched all of the Agency’s accounts spanning a diverse range of sectors and regions. She has extensive experience in driving the development of global brand platforms for large multinationals ranging from PepsiCo to Essity. She believes passionately in the value of creativity to fuel business growth for clients and under her stewardship her clients have collected a range of creative & effectiveness awards including coveted Cannes Grand Prix & Cannes Titanium. In the 5 years she was Chief Client Officer she spearheaded the development of new revenue streams to deliver incremental services for clients, expanded AMV BBDO’s client advocacy footprint and led several successful new business wins. She was promoted to CEO in January 2019. She lives in South West London with her husband, two delicious daughters, a menagerie of animals & her beloved baby grand.

#2 What is the most iconic image in the world and why?

Chaz and Lucy have been creatives at AMV for 3 years.

Chaz is an Art Director who likes to write copy and Lucy a Copywriter who likes to look at pretty pictures. They studied at Watford and went on to win the Most Promising Newcomers Award at Creative Circle. They've also been named as Badass Gals by Young Creative Council.

#3 Watch the two ads below. Tell us which is more effective, and why

Advertisement 1

Advertisement 2

Alaina hails from the US but is a long term lover of London, having moved here to do her Masters in 2009. She started her career in strategy at AMV in 2011 and returned to the agency as a Strategy Director in 2016 after a stint at BBDO NY. She is the global strategic lead for the Snickers and Galaxy chocolate brands; when not making Venn diagrams and triangles, Alaina’s passion for feminist activism is only matched by her love of acrylic nail art.

#4 If you were going to start a business tomorrow, what product or service would you provide, and why?

Gerard’s interest in people and sneaker culture has led him to his role as Director of Social and Cultural Innovation at AMV. Gerard believes being an outsider can help you see things more clearly. Good thing too because as a native New Yorker, he’s still getting used to crossing the road without dying.

#5 What has been the proudest moment of your life so far?

Ingi came to AMV as a temp on reception in between jobs. 25 years later she is still here as our Head of Guest Services making sure all clients and staff are well looked after. She is the “GO TO” for anyone and everyone – the AMV concierge. Nothing shocks! Nothing Surprises! Everybody counts!

#6 You could have decided to do anything with your life. Why advertising and why AMV?

Katy joined AMV in 2010 as a Board Account Director and was promoted to Managing Partner in 2016. In March 2018 Katy also took on the role of Head of Account Management at AMV BBDO. She is responsible for the Mars Wrigley Confectionery business across the UK and Europe and is the BBDO Global lead for Snickers which is Mars’ most globally awarded brand for both creativity and effectiveness. She also works as a leadership mentor for Disability Rights UK and is part of a cross-agency Diversity and Inclusivity taskforce. She also represents the advertising industry on the governments APPG for disability.

#7 What is the most underrated innovation of the last 10 years?

Charlotte joined AMV in 2002 and since then her work for Lotto, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Cancer Research UK and Whiskas has been awarded at D&AD, Cannes, Creative Circle and British Arrows, while her radio spot for the Metropolitan Police was voted one of the IPA’s Best Radio Ads of the Decade.

Charlotte has helped nurture "returning parents" roles at AMV to get more women back into the creative department in pioneering half-time positions.

#8 How will the role of brand purpose in advertising continue to evolve over the next five years?

#9 Tell us about a product you love which is marketed really badly. What would you do differently?

Emily joined AMV in 2007 and is the lead strategist on Snickers and The Economist. With her two year old daughter Nancy keeping her on her toes, there’s only one thing she can do. Indulge in great shoes.

#10 Tell us a story involving a phone box, a paperclip and a balloon.

Alex joined us as a scholar in 2014 and credits AMV with making her an expert in everything from sanitary towels to chocolate. She co-ordinates the AMV Academy recruitment process, so you'll likely meet her at interviews.

#11 Convince us of a hobby that you think we should take up.

Susan joined as a Scholar in 2017 after completing a Psychology degree at Durham University and has since worked on BT, Bacardi and Essity. She’s also helping to run Scholar recruitment this year and is open to bribes and flattery.

#12 What do you think has been AMV’s best ever idea, and why?

Ant joined AMV in 2016 as a social creative, since joining he has helped lead the agency forward in everything social, digital and innovation. He sits on the Omnicom LGBT+ Equality board OPEN Pride and almost always covered in some form of glitter ;)

#13 ‘If in doubt, be nice’ underpins everything we do at AMV. That’s our motto – what’s yours?

Peter Mead started the agency in 1977, laying claim to the "M" in AMV…and he still loves the business and the people as much today as he did way back when.

#14 What makes you different from everyone else applying for the AMV Academy?

Anusha joined the agency in 2017 putting all her booze experience (both professional and personal) to good use on the Bacardi account, before moving onto Asda as Senior Account Director. Being in a Spice Girls video is top of her achievements to date.

#15 What are the key challenges facing the advertising industry over the next 5 years?

Raj joined AMV in 2017 as Insight director after working in various companies including Costa, Camelot and InBev. Using data and knowledge from different sources helps us understand our client’s brands, business and categories better. So next time you are grappling with business problem, put the kettle on and go build a database! It works (nearly) every time.

#16 What question should we have asked you, but haven’t?

Hannah joined AMV as a Scholar back in 2009 and currently works on Mars Chocolate. Which is ironic, as in her final interview for the Scholarship when asked to present on “What are you most proud of?” she demonstrated that she could hold Maltesers in her dimples. We’re a bit more rigorous in our selection process these days.