Applications are now open!

We are now accepting applications for our entry-level recruitment scheme, the AMV Academy.

The Academy is our equivalent of a graduate scheme – except we just look for the best people, regardless of whether you’ve been to university, or are just looking for a change of career.

Successful applicants are given a full-time, permanent job in one of three departments – and, after enjoying an intensive (but enjoyable, we promise!) 6-week training programme, are released onto some of the biggest and most exciting brands in the building.

You have until 11pm on Monday 15th October to introduce yourselves to us – and it’s up to you how. There’s only one compulsory question and plenty of options for the other three. And don’t worry – absolutely none of them are there to trick you.

Take a look around, meet the gang, listen to their top tips and find out more about the departments we’re hiring for. And when you’re ready to start, click ‘Start Your Application’ below to begin.

Follow @AMVAcademy for deadline reminders, tips from last year’s grads about how to stand out and info about what the AMV Academy entails!

Enjoy and good luck!

Hannah Penn
Deputy Head of Account Management